Atlanta Development

Atlanta has seen one of the most active development cycles in its history. We all benefit from an increased tax base, and signature corporate neighbors that provide a mix of housing and even greater mix of businesses to serve our communities. However, with this, comes greater demand on our infrastructure, including roads, utilities and green space.


My experience as a commercial real estate expert will provide a much-needed skill set on the Atlanta City Council regarding how to engage all parties involved in developments. My goals are to find more ways to limit over-density and negotiate with developers to address infrastructure improvements during the design and approval phases.


In addition, we need to review new developments and renovations to ensure there are standards for quality and a mix of architectural designs. I want to challenge designers to be more innovative, energy-conscious and pedestrian/bike-friendly.


Our laws and policies are solid, but we need to better enforce current land use plans to protect our world class neighborhoods. For example, District 6 will continue to face potential “development creep,” that, if not aggressively fought, could change the fabric of our historic neighborhoods.