Atlanta Parks

Atlanta District 6 is the beneficiary of many unique neighborhood parks. Unfortunately, those Atlanta parks suffer from a lack of City funding. It is imperative we become a louder voice to demand better maintenance of our valuable green spaces so they are cared for in a way that exemplifies our world class city.


Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s jewel but as we can all agree we need to increase the amount and quality of our green space as Atlanta success story continues.


With the innovated vision and development of the Atlanta BeltLine, we have gained the world’s attention. Our district is the beneficiary of one of the first phases of the development, which has been a success beyond anyone’s imagination. We must continue to lobby for critical federal funds in order to complete this citywide development. Over the past three years, through my Invest Atlanta board service, I have gained a deep understanding of the complex funding mechanisms and challenges facing the completion of this important and amazing link to our diverse communities.


In addition, we should consider other innovative and unique ideas that will expand our green space options, such as creating “deck parks” out of thin air by capping portions of highways. Those ideas, and others, are worth exploring.