Atlanta Transportation

According to the 2016 Atlanta Regional Commission’s Metro Atlanta Speaks public opinion survey, transportation is Atlanta’s top concern. I have concrete ideas on how to address this complex issue.


First and foremost, we must recognize our roads are beyond capacity. I will work to fund and complete a comprehensive traffic plan for affected neighborhoods within District 6. This plan would address undesirable traffic patterns, potential high density zoning sites, identify negative effects and provide solutions for cut through traffic.


While I believe technology improves lives, I also am a proponent of partnering with the state legislature to restrict mobile traffic apps that often re-route drivers through neighborhoods – causing much heavier travel patterns that were never meant to exist.


In addition, I will promote safe bike path and bike lane expansions for alternative transportation options. Additional neighborhood road calming with speed reduction tools such as speed humps, curb bulb outs and intersection roundabouts should be studied and implemented.


With the development of the Atlanta BeltLine, our district will eventually be served by the Atlanta Streetcar light rail transit alternative, which is planned for the BeltLine corridor. While this light rail system will create great opportunities for better mobility, it may also create potential challenges with higher density development. I will be proactive on these issues to maximize the benefits and minimize potential negative effects.